Executive Director

  • Open Compute Project Foundation
  • Remote
  • Oct 06, 2021
Full time Executive General Business Information Technology Strategy-Planning

Job Description

The OCP Executive Director will lead the global OCP Foundation and work closely with an energetic Community of open-source technologists to deliver on projects in a world class manner.   The Executive Director is passionate about identifying, developing, delivering & scaling next generation disruptive, open technologies.   

The Executive Director is a servant leader putting the OCP Community first, and has a proven track record of solid execution, great business acumen, a high bar for excellence, the ability to drive innovation, great communication skills, a penchant for giving & receiving feedback, and the ability to execute well at scale.  This Executive Director will adapt quickly to a fast-growing and dynamic environment and nurture a culture that furthers the mission of OCP!  

At the Foundation and within the Community we work together as one team to add value to our mission and deliver on our commitments. We challenge the status quo and every member of our team every day internally and externally. We always search for ways to drive innovation, scale & efficiencies into and across the OCP Community.  We operate in a fast-paced, challenging & fun environment! 


  • Acquire & retain the industry’s best talent to operate the OCP Foundation & position OCP as the world’s leading open technology community
  • Liaise as necessary with outside legal counsel to ensure compliance, seek advice on legal matters & periodically perform services on behalf of the OCP Foundation
  • Oversee the marketing & public relations activities as well as the overall branding of OCP
  • Provide industry-changing thought leadership in an innovative, fast paced technology environment
  • Inspire & influence the OCP Community to deliver world class OCP hardware that is open/available to all
  • Active engagement in the acquisition and retention of memberships/sponsorships
  • Collaborate/partner with other open-source organizations that have a shared purpose, creating affiliations & maintaining good working relationships with those organizations and leverage the OCP brand as practical
  • Partner with & support the Chairman of the Board in the daily operation of the OCP Foundation
  • Ensure integrity & compliance with all financial & legal requirements in the daily operation of the OCP Foundation
  • Advise OCP Foundation & OCP Board of Directors on open-source community best practices
  • Report to Board of Directors in a timely manner on all matters of importance, including financial status, funding projections, policy setting, planning, project operations and employee matters for the best, long-term health of the OCP and the Foundation
  • Provide adequate materials and analysis to assist the Board of Directors in making decisions on all matters of importance to policy setting.
  • Responsible for performance management of OCP Foundation staff, contractor(s) and any vendors performing services for the OCP Foundation
  • Lead the annual financial planning process, budgeting, perform ongoing financial monitoring, expense management oversight & audit process(es)
  • Responsible for the financial health of the OCP Foundation and creating revenue models that are aligned with the values of the OCP Community & approved by the OCP Board of Directors


  • BS degree in an engineering/technical domain or equivalent industry, non-profit or open-source community experience
  • Strong organizational, collaboration, communication, prioritization, planning/ forecasting & execution skills
  • Experience in managing a virtual team & the ability to adapt the organizational structure and Foundation’s systems/processes
  • Successful track record of fiscal oversight of a program/division of comparable size & complexity.
  • Possess Integrity without compromise and proven experience in financial management & fiduciary responsibility to the OCP Foundation, OCP Community and OCP Board of Directors
  • Ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people



  • Strong technical marketing, public relations and fundraising experience with the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders & cultures
  • Experience in software, firmware, hardware and data center operations
  • Experience in compute, storage, networking, software/firmware technologies
  • Knowledge of design, manufacturing models, supply chain & sales channels necessary to ensure OCP product availability to drive deeper adoption globally.
  • Experience in Intellectual Property licensing, administration & compliance
  • Experience in growing community engagement & membership
  • Experience in leading/facilitating large scale events & industry workshops globally
  • Persuasive & passionate communication skills in all types of media
  • Strong advocate for open-source technologies
  • Ability to be on the leading-edge of industry technology trends and relevant technologies applicable to OCP
  • Ability to connect & collaborate well with all levels of an organization … from working with individual contributors, to the incubation committee, to project teams, to the executives of member companies to the OCP Board of Directors



In 2009, Facebook was growing rapidly across the globe … and needed to rethink everything regarding their data center infrastructure to accommodate the millions of people joining every day that used the application to connect with friends & family.

As a result, Facebook started an internal project to design the world’s most energy efficient data center, one that could handle unprecedented scale at the lowest possible cost and consume as little energy as possible.   A small team of Facebook engineers spent the next two years designing and building the world’s most efficient data center from the ground up in Prineville, Oregon.

That data center was 38% more energy efficient to build and 24% less expensive to operate than the company’s previous facilities. In 2011, and in the spirit of contributing that design to the world led to the creation of the Open Compute Project (OCP) and the end of proprietary data center infrastructure.  Facebook shared that design with the public and—along with Intel and Rackspace, Goldman Sachs & Andy Bechtolsheim—launched the Open Compute Project.  The founding five member companies hoped to create a movement in the hardware space that would bring about the same kind of creativity and collaboration seen in open-source software. And that’s exactly what’s happening…


The Open Compute Project is a rapidly growing, global community with a mission to design, use and enable the mainstream delivery of the most efficient data center & hardware designs for scalable computing.

We believe that openly sharing ideas, specifications, and other intellectual property is the key to maximizing innovation & reducing complexity in the development of new technologies, products & services.  OCP provides a structure in which individuals & organizations can share their intellectual property with others to speed innovation and make OCP technology available to the masses. 


Today's innovation is tomorrow's standard … As technologists across industries participate in this community, we are creating, simplifying & refining more designs, making it possible for more companies to transition from their proprietary solutions supported in house to OCP hardware designed & supported by the OCP Community.

We know that as more services move to the cloud, handle more data, and bring connectivity to the world, we must do it in the most efficient, economical, and sustainable way. Hardware must become a commoditized & evolving set of products optimized for these challenges.

We believe open collaboration is the best way to get there. To ensure our relevancy & caliber of our open compute contributions, we require that all contributions meet three out of four of our core tenets:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Scalability
  3. Openness
  4. Impact